3 Precautions for Welding Rotators


Today, we are talking about welding rotary products. welding rotators provide great convenience for the welding industry, and welding rotators have brought huge economic benefits to the production of enterprises. So what is the role of the welding rotator in the welding industry? What should be paid attention to during use?


The role of welding rotator

In recent years, China industrial technology has advanced rapidly, and various powerful industrial equipment have emerged one after another. The production of these machines can be said to be a great burden.

The rapid development of the manufacturing industry requires the support of various machining tools. For example, the manufacture of various machines requires various machines-CNC tools, machining centers, and the accuracy of these CNC equipment and their working capabilities determine the quality of the various industrial equipment they manufacture. For the welding industry, the welding rotator is a very important tool.

Welding rotators are commonly used auxiliary equipment in heavy industry production. It cannot weld parts or structures by itself, but can only provide assistance. However, the advent of the welding rotator has made welding more convenient (especially for parts with a circular appearance) not only for automatic welding, but also for manual welding. Not all parts are welded. There are many large parts with incorrect angles during welding. Soldering is very difficult. The difficulty is that the welding rotator provides a service for the position conversion function of the part holder.

The welding roller frame is a device that installs multiple pairs of wheels on an extremely sturdy frame, one of which is equipped with an external drive device. Place the parts to be welded on the welding roller support wheel so that the parts can rotate freely.

The welding rotating machine can change the angle of the welded parts, making the welding of the parts more convenient. For example, when there is no welding position positioner, the parts have to be turned over, which is more difficult. On the other hand, the bow tie does not need to be returned manually. If the parts are placed on a welding rotator device, it is much more convenient to reverse them. You can directly reverse the part and weld it manually.

Welding the rotator makes the world have no hard-to-weld parts. Can be used in conjunction with automation equipment. The CNC position welding rotator can also be used in conjunction with a servo. It is more convenient to use, and the input program can be executed like a machine.


Precautions for using welding rotator

When using a welding rotator, you first need to master the precautions for the welding rotator, which mainly include the following aspects:

Please check whether the welding wheel frame control box has grounding protection before use. If there is no grounding protection, please do not start operation. Do not repair or test the inverter circuit without authorization in the control box of the roller frame. Please check by professionals.

  1. Do not stack heavy objects or be hit by gravity on the outside of the welding rotator control box, let alone pull the wires in the roller frame. The welding rotator system should be placed in a dry, moisture-proof, and vibration-free environment. During the welding process, the active tracking system as part of the roller will directly affect the position of the weld pool, and the inconsistency of the equipment drive will cause the welding project to be unstable or suspended.
  2. According to the requirements of process specifications, the requirements for welding tank, pressure vessel environment and effective welding data are strict. Find out the cause of the welding problem, and deal with them one by one, check and adjust. Circumferential circumferential seam gas welding has tested various process parameters, and the research has concluded that the custom values ​​of the parameters correspond to each other, especially the positioning control of the welding gun.
  3. Thanks to the TV monitoring system and the 2-axis sliding of the three-dimensional electric cross-board, the position of the welding torch can be adjusted at any time according to the welding situation to ensure that the welding torch completes the welding process stably. When using a welding rotator, pay attention to the mixing ratio of the mixed gas. In addition to blocking the air and protecting the high-temperature welding area from air damage, the maintenance gas will also affect or even determine the shape, process and metallurgical characteristics of the arc to a certain extent.



The above is what we are going to discuss today about the role and precautions of the welding rotator. In the production process, paying attention to these matters can help you develop your business more smoothly. If you want to learn more, you can click here to read this article to learn more about welding rotators.

If you are looking for a suitable welding rotator, you can read this guide for more information.

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