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welding positioner manufacturer

Are you looking for high-quality and favorable welding positioner? It is very important to choose a suitable welding positioner manufacturer with quality assurance. Because a correct choice will make your cooperation with the welding positioner manufacturer more enjoyable and make your business develop more smoothly. So what are the problems when choosing a welding positioner manufacturer? How to choose a suitable manufacturer to buy a welding positioner? Read this guide and let me tell you how to choose.

welding positioner manufacturer

A welding positioner is a mechanical device that is used to fix and rotate a workpiece so that the welder can work on a consistent surface at an appropriate angle. It has the ability to spin quickly, even when bearing considerable weight. The main purpose of the welding positioner is to ensure that the workpiece is always in the most suitable welding position.

Generally speaking, welding positioner have the following advantages:

  • Better welding quality
  • Reduce welder fatigue
  • Higher input-output ratio
  • Automation; requires less supervision
  • Higher capacity load

We will discuss the impact of welding positioner on your business from two aspects: the application of welding positioner and the help for welders.

What can the welding positioner do

  • Industry

    However, the most common ones include creating equipment and components in the following industries:

    • Chemical industry
    • Shipbuilding and shipbuilding industry
    • Power and power generation industry
    • Oil industry
    • Automobile industry
    • Oil and gas industry
    • Metal industry
    • And more
  • Application

    welding positioner manufacturer

    Welding positioners are famous for their wide range of uses. However, you can choose to use the welding positioner for:

    • Install welding equipment and machinery
    • Assembled part rotation
    • Rotate positioning
    • Rotating workpieces with huge offset loads
    • Pipes, wheels, shafts and other similar welding

Impact on welders

Large-scale welding projects can be completed and completed more easily and quickly. However, the most common method is to ensure that the welder is safe and does not have any hazards and risks caused by the welding process. In addition, here are some benefits and advantages that the welding positioner brings to welders:

  • Reduce welder fatigue

    With the welding positioner, the welder can complete a lot of work without moving. In many cases, they can also be kept at the same level or within the same welding height! This basically means that welders can withstand less stress and less fatigue. This is part of the main contribution of the welding positioner to the welder.

  • Faster completion time

    In the case of using a welding positioner, the welder can work more easily, so the efficiency will be greatly improved. Whenever they use the welding machine, they complete the work twice as fast as when they are welding manually.

  • More precise work

    Less fatigue, less stress and less exercise-this will definitely lead to better, higher quality and more precise and accurate projects. The reason why the welding positioner is so expensive is because it greatly improves the accuracy of the work.

What are the effects of using welding positioner

After applying the welding positioner, your company will undergo the following tremendous changes, which will benefit your company:

  • Improve welding productivity
  • Higher welding deposition rate
  • Improve welder's safety
  • Reduce the footprint of welding production
  • Reduce errors and rejections
  • Reduce welder fatigue


welding positioner manufacturer

We discuss what we need to consider before buying from the two aspects of welding positioner type and cost.

Different types of welding positioner

Generally speaking, the most common welding positioner is through its automation: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

  • Manual

These are machines where you can use levers and pedals to rotate the plate.

The speed and direction depend on your manual control; it does not use a robot.

  • Semi-automatic

The semi-automatic pipe positioner is a machine that can be used in combination with accessories. This is to allow you to better and highly increase productivity.

  • Automatic

The automatic positioner is a positioner using robots and highly intelligent machines. If you want to execute a large project, you need an automatic welding positioner.

We have listed some of the most popular types of positioners for you:

  • Spin welding positioner
  • Pipe welding positioner
  • Tailstock and headstock positioner
  • Desktop welding positioner
  • Clip universal welding positioner
  • Welding turntable

The cost of welding positioners

The price of welding positioner depends on certain factors, including:

  • Specification
  • brand
  • freight
  • Production cycle
  • Features and functions of welding positioner

Before choosing a machine, pay attention to their specifications. Some of the most common specifications include:

  • Speed or rotation control
  • Loading capacity
  • equipment weight
  • size
  • Tilt ability

These specifications are essential because they will determine the progress of your project.

Before buying a welding positioner, please communicate with the welding positioners manufacturer of your choice, and they will provide you with the most professional advice and quotation.


You can cooperate with a large number of welding positioner manufacturers in the market.

But, have you ever tried to choose a Chinese welding positioner supplier? You may be influenced by what others say, but welding positioner from China are actually the best, most reliable, and most trustworthy.

Give you two reasons to choose a Chinese manufacturer:

  1. China has the most complete industrial chain in the world. The industry has developed rapidly for decades and has already reached a world-class level.
  2. China has a huge cost advantage, which is not only reflected in labor costs. At the same time, China has a large number of talents, a complete supply chain and excellent production technology, which brings huge cost advantages to Chinese manufacturing.

Besides you can get it with them at the best and most competitive price, you can also establish relationships with other suppliers in the future.


welding positioner manufacturer

It is very important to find a suitable and excellent welding positioner manufacturer. It affects your business development, including your cost, production efficiency and product quality.

How to find?

To find a welding positioner manufacturer in China, you can use the following methods:

B2B platform

  • Alibaba

    China's largest foreign trade export website, where you can choose welding positioner suppliers and manufacturers in different regions.

  • Made in China specializes in the promotion of Chinese products and only accepts Chinese suppliers to release relevant product information. It is currently the only large-scale B2B platform whose sole mission is to promote Chinese products.

  • Global Sources

    Focus on foreign trade of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide professional services for foreign buyers.


Generally, the brand manufacturer websites that you can search through Google are quite professional. And they respond more quickly and professionally than B2B platforms.

How to choose?

welding positioner manufacturer

In order to be able to choose a suitable welding positioner manufacturer, you can refer to the following points:

  1. Check reviews and customer feedback

    One way to determine whether a supplier of welding positioner is reliable is to check what their previous customers have said about them. Most (if not all) welding positioner suppliers will post customer feedback on their website.

  2. Check the "About Us" section

    It is very important to check their website and navigate to the "About Us" section they have. If you think they are good at doing what they do best, don't hesitate to call them. On the other hand, if you can’t find what you need, try to contact them and start a conversation.( About Us)

  3. Contact the manufacturer of the welding positioner

    Unless you contact them, you actually don't know anything about the supplier.

    By sending them an email or phone call, you can determine how they will conduct their business. You can check and evaluate their urgency by paying attention to their response speed to messages and inquiries; you can feel the feeling of working with them.

By performing these three things, you can reduce the time for inspection and everything, and reduce many detours.


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