Hydraulic Formation Rotator

Hydraulic Formation Rotator
Hydraulic Formation Rotator
Hydraulic Formation Rotator



The pair of roller frames are mainly composed of a HGK welding roller frame and a ZLGK hydraulic group to the roller frame. Widely used in boilers, pressure vessels, petroleum, chemical, machinery and other manufacturing industries. With advanced structure, complete functions and convenient operation, it has a reliable guarantee for improving product quality. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
Repair and commissioning

The fixing and debugging of the machine is very important before using the machine. This machine requires cement structures ground. The thickness of cement structures ground should be more than 200mm.

1. Before fixing, please make sure that the machine is on a horizontal line, and maintain the cement structures ground regularly.

2. When fixing the machine, it can be fixed by expansion bolt. Please make sure the two parts of rollers are parallel.

3. After fixing, please check every part of the machine, make sure the connecting of wires correct, clean the outside of the machine to make sure there is nothing effecting the working of machine.

4. Operating: After starting the machine, if there is sound or vibration, please eliminate the fault by doing as follows: put the working piece on the rotator, and try to let the rollers rotate 360º, check if the working piece keeps close to the rollers, if the rollers`vibrate. If yes, please adjust the position of machine.

The operating of machines

After fixing the machine well, the machine can be connected to the power.

1. After starting the machine, if there is sound or vibration, please eliminate the fault by doing as follows: put the working piece on the rotator to check if the position of working piece is proper, if the working piece keeps close to the rollers, if there are things in the way of rotating. After everything goes well, the machine can be operated.

2. Before starting the motor, first please check the connecting of wires. If the connecting of wires is correct, turn on the switch of power, then start the motor. Please check the direction of rotation is the same as required. Turn the speed knob to the speed as required.

The rotators can be controlled by the buttons on the panel to achieve the long distance operation.

Note: If you want to change the rotating direction, please make sure the motor fully stops, then press the button of another direction. Otherwise, the motor and other components are easily to be destroyed. After finishing working, please turn the speed knob to the smallest, then turn off the speed switch and switch off the power. 

Hydraulic Formation Rotator
Hydraulic Formation Rotator
Maintenance of machines

When checking or maintaining the machines, please make sure the power is cut off and pull out the power plug.

1. Add 30# oil to the speed reducer, at the very beginning, change it after every one month, and later change it every half month.

2. Rubber rollers can not touch oil or be put in high temperature condition.

3. The earth connecting cable can not be put up to the rotators in case the bearings are destroyed.

4. Before starting the machine everyday, please check if the environment meets the requirement: no rain water, no corrosive gas, the temperature is proper.

5. Check if there is sound, vibration or smell.

 Check regularly:

1. The voltage of power should be in the allowed range.

2. Clean the dust on the speed controller and panel.

3. Check the power, if there is destroyment, change it in time.

4. Check ther electric box to see if there is any hidden trouble destroying the components.

5. Check the joint bolts. If there is any loose bolt, tighten it.

Hydraulic Formation Rotator
Hydraulic Formation Rotator
Common fault and eliminating methods

1. Fault: the motor of rollers stops working.

Probable reasons:

· The input voltage is not correct.

· The button is broken.

· The long distance controlling box is not connected.

· Contactor is broken.

Eliminating methods:

· Input the correct voltage.

· Repair or change the button.

· Put in the plug.

· Change the contactor.


2. Fault: no speed adjusting.

Probable reasons:

· Potentiometer is broken

· Electromagnetic governor is broken.

Eliminating methods:

· Change it.

· Repair it.

Safty warning 

Warning:protect yourself and others from injury or death.

1. Prevent electric shock

2.  Prevent burn

3. Prevent poisonous gas

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