Seal Head Cutting Machine

Seal Head Cutting Machine

Seal Head Cutting Machine
Seal Head Cutting Machine
Seal Head Cutting Machine



This machine is developed by our company with the help of the second design institute of the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics, drawing on advanced foreign technology.

The table rotates with AC frequency conversion speed regulation. The shifting range is large and the precision is high, which can be rotated at the required welding speed. Thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of the welder and improving labor productivity.

This machine can be used with the cutting machine to cut and trim the end face of the head. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, light weight and convenient operation. Ideal for pressure vessels, metallurgy, electric power, chemicals, machinery, metal structures and other industries.
Model Table diameter(mm) Cutting diameter(mm) Motor Power(Kw) Load(T)
FQ-12 Ф600 Ф200- Ф 1200 0.55 1.5
FQ-15 Ф1200 Ф300- Ф 1500 0.75 3
FQ-35 Ф1400 Ф300- Ф 3500 1.1 4
FQ-55 Ф1600 Ф300- Ф 5500 2.2 5
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