Welding Rotator: Everything You Need to Know


welding rotators everything you need to know

What is a welding rotator? What is the use? You can use welding rotators to improve your production efficiency and production quality, while reducing your labor costs. This article will take you to understand the basic information of welding rotators. You can check out our welding rotator products, they can improve quality and productivity.

The welding rotator is an auxiliary welding equipment. It uses the friction between the welding workpiece and the roller to drive the cylindrical (or conical) welding workpiece to rotate. Welding rotators are usually used in combination with welding manipulators. The inner and outer longitudinal seams and inner and outer circumferential seams of cylindrical workpieces can be welded.

The welding rotator is similar to a positioner because it is a mechanical device that rotates a cylindrical container. They greatly reduce operations, increase efficiency, and significantly improve the process quality of welders of all skill levels. For any steel plant with cylindrical vessels, from small diameter pipes to large industrial cylindrical vessels for wind tower production, rotators are necessary.

welding rotator

  • The rollers can be steel wheels or polyurethane wheels.
  • The drive motor adopts an AC variable frequency motor. If high precision is required, servo motors can be used.
  • The roller support bearing adopts the spherical roller bearing, which has the characteristics of strong load-bearing capacity and impact resistance.
  • All shaft parts are quenched and tempered, and the tooth part is quenched and tempered.
  • Welding the base profile and plate welding, stress relief. In addition, the frame has undergone shot blasting and rust removal treatment, which has sufficient strength to ensure long-term use.
  • The electric control system consists of a control box and a hand control box. The control box and the hand control box are connected by super soft multi-core cables to ensure reliable use.


welding rotator

The traditional weldding rotator consists of two parts:

  • Roller support unit

    The idler bracket, or more commonly referred to as the "base", is the component that carries the wheel or the medium that performs the rotation or twisting of the workpiece.

    The components of the idler support unit include:

    • Drive steering wheel
    • Driven wheel frame
  • Electric drive unit

    Similar to the idler support unit, the electric drive unit is also composed of different parts. For the benefit of everyone, the electric drive is a part of the rotator, which emits power and energy to make the weldding rotator work.

Necessary parts

Different weldding rotators have different parts. In addition, some manufacturers have added certain components to it.

However, the parts that will never be taken out include:

  1. Idler
  2. Driving wheel (something used to rotate material or workpiece)
  3. Wheel frame (thing that supports the wheel)
  4. Transmission (device that controls the speed of rotation)
  5. Controller (something used to change and modify the rotation speed)
  6. Direct current (DC) motor (what makes movement concrete and real)

Even if only one of the components is missing, the weldding rotator will not work properly.

These are the parts of the welding rotator. Some welding rotator manufacturers and suppliers may add too few parts to supplement it, but these are parts of traditional rotators.


self aligning welding manufacturer

Welding rotators are divided into many types, and their functions and functions are also different. Some of the most common types include:

  • Adjustable steering rotator

    These are welding rotators whose steering rollers can be easily adjusted to suit the circumference and width of the workpiece or the material you are welding.

  • Pipe clamp rotator

    The pipe clamp rotator, in its terminology, is a welding rotator that is clamped on pipes or any type of cylindrical objects to help them perform automatic welding.

    These machines are the best and most ideal machines to solve the problem of inclined or rotating pipes and other materials of similar state, size and size.

  • Install the welding rotator

    Similar to the adjustable steering roller, the welding rotator can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece. This is to ensure the accuracy and precision of the weld.

  • Self-aligned welding rotator

    As the name suggests, you can directly understand the meaning and function of self-aligned welding rotators. They are welding rotators, which are automatically carried out when aligning the workpieces to maintain balance.

    Most self-aligned welding rotators contain two devices that continuously align and align with the workpiece.

These are some of the most common welding rotator types you can buy on the market.

We can provide you with the following types of welding rotators:


welding rotator

During the welding process, the welding rotator will be used to complete related operations. The design and production of the rotator frame adopts advanced technology, and at the same time, the automatic tracking system is used to achieve the application purpose, so that the positioning is more accurate. When the roller frame is processed and produced, the process design can be carried out according to the operation requirements, so that the roller frame can better meet the needs of the industry.

In the process of processing and production, any problems encountered can be analyzed, controlled and adjusted by appropriate methods. In addition, the welding rotator will be tested with appropriate process parameters, which can make the parameter setting more reasonable, make the processing operation consistent with the equipment setting, and achieve better operation control effects.

When processing by welding the rotator, the welding process is more stable and reliable. It can not only reduce the probability of failure, but also has a good isolation effect, preventing air from entering the equipment, and the equipment will not be affected by the high temperature environment.

The use of welding rotators can improve the quality of machining operations. Make the product processing and production effect more reasonable and achieve a more ideal application effect.

Benefits of using welding rotator

Using welding rotators can bring you many benefits, some of which include:

  • Safe and labor-saving welders

    If you use a welding rotator, you will spend less effort because it will automatically rotate. This means that the welder does not need to manually move and rotate the workpiece; it improves the safety of the welder and the workpiece.

  • Faster productivity

    All automation will bring faster and better productivity. The function of the welding rotator to move the workpiece means that the welder can do more and better.

  • Stronger and more reliable support

    The support from the device itself is enough to label it, so that it has stronger and more reliable support.This protects the workpiece, its mass and its overall dimensions from deformation.


  • Welding positioner is a device that can clamp and rotate the workpiece according to the set angle. It can be at different angles so that you can weld on a stable level. Workpieces of any shape can be loaded on the welding positioner.
  • Welding rotators are different. After the workpiece is loaded, it will continue to rotate according to the speed you want. The wheels on the rotator allow movement; this is why only round and cylindrical objects can be used with it.


welding rotator

There are numerous benefits and advantages that can be gained by using welding rotators in your projects.

Advantages of welding rotators

  • Safety of welders and workpieces
  • Accurate and precise welding
  • Easy continuous welding
  • Higher productivity
  • More efficient and effective results
  • Reduce working hours

Some of the most common beneficial and advantageous examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Increase and increase productivity

    One of the main benefits and advantages of using welding rotators is that you can increase and fully develop productivity. Because you will not interfere with the workpiece, your welder can stay in one position and perform welding. This can actually effectively increase your overall productivity.

  • Your welders and workers are safer

    Handling and rotating heavy materials manually is very dangerous. However, you can mount them on the welding rotator so that they will move, rotate, and rotate automatically.

  • Higher quality welds

    By automating the movement or rotation of the workpiece, you can ensure higher, more accurate, and more precise welds.

But please note that these benefits and advantages are only the most common and common ones. If you use welding rotators, you can get other advantages and benefits.

Disadvantages of welding rotators

Every coin has two sides, and the welding rotator is no exception. You need to consider the shortcomings, because they usually constitute an important element of the project.

  • skills requirement

    Part of the disadvantage of using a welding rotator is the technical requirement, and at the same time it is also a prerequisite for its use.

    Welding rotators are very effective only when they are used in a complementary way with other welding equipment. You can weld manually, it can provide workers with hopeful safety. However, this is not efficient.

  • Material limitations

    Only effective for materials with good weldability. Another disadvantage you are likely to encounter is that it can only be used with materials and substances that have an excellent level of solderability. So, be sure to check the material you want to weld.

  • Experience requirement

    Last but not least is the requirement for welder experience.

    Even if the welder plans to automate through the use of welding machines, that particular welder needs experience to understand where more work is needed, where more energy is needed, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to make more considerations on the cost of personnel training and requirements.

These are some of the main disadvantages of using welding rotators.


Application scenarios of welding rotators

Storage and pressure vessels are one of the most common parts produced by welding rotators

Its most common applications include welding:

  • Oil storage tank
  • Water tank
  • Shipyard and ship parts
  • Pressure vessel
  • And many more

Available processes for welding rotators

  • Submerged arc welding (SAW)
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding
  • Metal inert gas (MIG) welding
  • Arc welding
  • And many more

If you choose to use welding rotators to complete any of these processes, then you can get higher quality and higher production efficiency products.

welding rotator

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