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Welding machine

Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine



This machine is an "automatic welding machine" that is combined with an automatic welding machine. It can be used with welding roller frame and positioner, and is widely used for welding inner and outer ring joints of various cylindrical members in boiler, pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, machinery and other manufacturing industries. The machine is characterized by compact structure, light weight and convenient operation, which provides a reliable guarantee for improving the welding quality.
           Model LH-1 LH-2 LH-3 LH-4 LH-5 LH-6
Applicable cylinder diameterm 1-4.5 1-3.5 0.7-3.5 0.7-3 0.7-3 0.5-1.2
Horizontal telescopic strokem 8 7 7 6 4 3.5
Vertical lifting strokem 4.5 3.5 3.5 3 3 1.4
Base rotation angle ±180º Manual 360 º
Cross arm lifting speedm/min 1 0.3
Cross arm welding speedm/min 0.12-1.2
Trolley advance and retreat speedm/min 3 Manual 
This parameter is our company's standard parameters and can be customized according to customer requirements.
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
Welding machine
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