HB Welding Positioner

HB-3 Welding Positioner

HB-3 Welding Positioner
HB-3 Welding Positioner
HB-3 Welding Positioner
HB-3 Welding Positioner
HB-3 Welding Positioner



Functions and Features

By learning the advanced technology from foreign countries, we developed HB model manipulators under the help of the Second Mechanism Design Institute.

The working table uses automatic turning and fix position accurately. It can make the working piece be at a perfect position when being welded. The rotation of working table uses AC frequency control. The range of speed changing is big and the accuracy is high, which can make the working table rotate according to the welding speed. Such a working table can improve the qua; ity of welding, reduce the labor intensity, and improves producing efficiency.

HB model manipulators can be used in automatic welding, manual welding, pipe welding, and axis parts welding and so on. The machines have compact structure, nice appearance. They are light and easily to be operated. They are an ideal equipment in pressure vessel field, metallurgy field, electric power field, chemical field, mechanism field and metal structure field.

Model HB-3 HB -6 HB -12 HB -30 HB -50 HB-100
Max Loading Capacity (kg) 300 600 1200 3000 5000 10000
Rotary speed of working table (rpm) 0.2-2 0.09-0.9 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.5 0.05-0.2
Turing speed of working table (rpm) Manual 1.1 0.67 0.23 0.14 0.14
Woking table dimension (mm) 600 1000 1200 1400 1500 2000
Working table turning angle (º) 0-90 0-90 0-90 0-120 0-120 0-120
Motor power Rotation (kw) 0.18 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2 3
Motor power Turning (kw)   0.75 1.1 1.5 3 5.5
Distance of centre of gravity(mm) 200 200 250 300 300 400
Linear eccentricity (mm) 150 150 200 200 200 200
Max rotary diameter at 90 º (mm) 800 1500 2000 2100 2500 3240
Speed adjusting method Frequency conversion step-less speed control

Remark: We can aldo design manipulators with the max.loading capacity above 10000kg. 

The rotation of working table
The working table can rotate in any direction on the plane of itself. Using the switch on the electric cabinet controls the start or stop of the rotation. The process is as follows: motor→two grades speed reducer→working table. Drive system has its own lock. When the working table leans, if the loading linear eccentricity is less than the stated range, the rotation of working table will not happen. The loading linear eccentricity is restrained by the loading capacity.
The leaning of working table
The working table can lean at angle 0-90°or 120°, in which range the working table can stop or move at any position. There is a switch controlling the leaning angle when it is in the terminal position. The working table can turn in clock-wise direction or counter clock-wise direction. The working is as follows: motor→speed reducer→gear→working table. The leaning driving system has lock installation. Within the rated loading capacity, the working table will not lean moving itself. The height from the centre of loading gravity to the working table is restrained by the loading capacity.
Machine lubricating

The speed reducer of the machine has lubricating oil on it. The lean adjusting part and bearings all use grease to lubricate them. Lubricating oil and lubricating grease should be changed regularly. The machine should be put on lubricating oil before being operated. 

Welding electric current transmiting

The welding electric current transmits by carbon rod under the working table and the middle part is connected to the under part of the machine by soft cable lead.

Notice items

When connecting the power, please make sure the machine is under the following conditions: When pressing the button CW, the working table turns in the clock-wise direction; When pressing the button CCW, the working table turns in the counter clock-wise direction. Otherwise, the machine can not work well.

Introduction of connecting cables of and operating of the electric appliance

Three-phase four wires system. The output power of inverter is three-phase 220V. The connecting way of the rotating motor is △, it coincides with the output power of the inverter. The power of turning motor is three-phase 380V.

After connecting the wires,turn on the switch of power,turn the button to CW or CCW, turn the switch of speed from small to big,the working table rotates from slowly to quickly, and turn the switch of speed from big to small,the working table rotates from quickly to slowly,and at last it stops.

The digital readout displays the speed of rotation.if the displayed speed is not coincided with the real speed, please adjust the electric resistance of Potentiometer?r RP2 in the electric cabinet.

When the motor is overloading or has a short circuit, the inverter will give an alarm, and the motor will stop outputting the power. The alarm indicator light shines. The inverter will display the code of fault, then please read the instruction of inverter. After removing the fault, please press the button of alarm removing.

After stopping working every day, please make sure the power

Common fault and eliminating methods
The motor of rotation stops working
1. Please check if the inverter outputs voltage
2. Please check the signal of turning: FWD,
3. FEV, COM and speed signal 12,13,14
4. Please check if the voltage input of inverter works well
5. Please check if input the right power
6. Please check if the speed is displayed
7. Please check if the inverter end 14 and 15 output voltage
8. Please check the inverter and potentiometer RP2
9. Please check if 5V DC supplies power
10. Please check if DC VC supplies power
The motor of turning stops working  
1. Please check if the buttons work well
2. Please check if contactor works well
3. Please check if the motor works well
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