How to Determine The Welding Positioner Parameters


Welding positioner is a very popular equipment in welding work. For welding workers, a comfortable working environment and convenient working equipment make his work more effective. For welding positioners, customers all over the world have more and more demands. Therefore, as China's top welding positioner manufacturer, Lida has introduced various specifications of high-quality welding positioners, and covers a variety of needs. Next, we will introduce how to determine the parameters of the welding positioner and choose the appropriate product to facilitate your purchase.

We focus on producing high-quality welding positioners, and our products have been well received by customers all over the world for a long time. Our professional technicians provide a professional level during production and ensure the high quality and accuracy of our welding positioner. Therefore, in order to ensure that you can correctly improve efficiency when using our high-quality welding positioner, we need to confirm the parameters of the welding positioner you need. The parameter selection of welding positioner is very important, which determines whether your business can be carried out smoothly.

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When selecting a welding positioner, you need to confirm the following parameters:

  1. Load
  2. Selection speed of workbench
  3. Rotation moment with eccentric center of gravity
  4. Height of center of gravity


1. Load

The so-called load of the welding positioner refers to all the weight loaded on the worktable, including not only the workpiece, but also the weight of the chuck and the fixed fixture. Lida's welding products record the horizontal load and vertical load in the product catalog. When selecting the model, please refer to the vertical load with the smaller load weight. In addition, the clamping force when using a cylinder is also considered as a load. Please select within the maximum load range described in the product catalog.


2. The selection speed of the workbench

The rotation speed of the worktable of the welding positioner has a greater influence on the welding speed (time). Usually, it is expressed by the number of selected laps of the worktable in 1 minute, and the unit is (r.p.m) {per rotation}. For the welding positioner, the rotation speed of the worktable must be changed when circular welding is performed on workpieces of different diameters at the same welding speed. For example, when two types of workpieces with diameters of φ100mm and φ200mm are welded circumferentially at the same welding speed, compared with welding φ100 workpieces, the table rotation speed when welding φ200mm is simply adjusted to half. Please select within the range of table rotation speed described in the product catalog.

<Reference> Selection speed of worktable = welding speed ÷ (circumference rate * welding diameter) (r.p.m)


3. Eccentricity of the center of gravity and rotational torque

The so-called eccentricity of the center of gravity refers to the shortest distance from the center of gravity of the worktable of the welding positioner to the center of gravity of the welded parts. For example, when welding common pipes and flanges, the center of gravity of the workbench is almost the same as the weight of the workpiece. However, when the pipe is equipped with a branch (accessory), the weight of the workpiece is slightly biased to the side of the branch. Whether the welding workpiece can be rotated depends on whether the welding positioner is within the rotation torque range.

<Reference> Rotational torque = weight on the workbench * eccentricity of the center of gravity value, as long as it is within the maximum load of the product catalog * the eccentricity of the center of gravity in the product catalog, but the weight of the workbench must be recorded in the product catalog Within the maximum load range.


4. the height of the center of gravity

The so-called center of gravity height refers to the shortest distance from the worktable surface of the welding positioner to the center of gravity of the welded parts. When the height of the center of gravity exceeds the capacity of the welding positioner, it is necessary to pay attention to the possible damage of the worktable axis, which may cause malfunctions or accidents. Please refer to the center of gravity height in the product catalog for selection.

<Reference> The ball method of the range of the capacity of the center of gravity height = the weight mounted on the table * the height of the center of gravity. The weight must be within the maximum load atmosphere stated in the product catalog.


Welding positioner selection

The above are the four important parameters of welding positioner selection that we have summarized for you. These four parameters are very important and play a decisive role in choosing the right welding positioner. Therefore, we recommend that you confirm these data before selecting a welding positioner.

Lida is a leading welding positioner manufacturer. We have many excellent welding positioner products to choose from, and the workmanship is excellent, and the spray is full, which has won the praise of our customers. If you have your own needs, you can contact our professional technical team, we will design non-standard welding positioner and other welding equipment for you. Our welding positioner will fully meet your requirements.

Our welding positioner has undergone strict inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that it meets international standards and customer requirements, and meets customer needs.

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