How to Maintain the Components of the rotator

Rotator is an important product in welding auxiliary equipment. The main function of the roller rack is to assist the welding of cylindrical weldments. Every part of the rotator should be regularly maintained and maintained. So how should each part of the rotator be maintained and maintained?

Rules of Maintenance and Maintenance of Rotator Components:

1. In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, all transmission parts should be inspected regularly and irregularly. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer should be inspected monthly to make up for lubricating oil.

2. The working principle of the rotator is to use friction to work. All transmission parts are not lubricated and are strictly prohibited to use.

3. Before restarting the long-term sealed rotator, the grease must be replaced to avoid damaging the machine.

4. In the process of using, the rotator contacts the welding parts, and the weld seam or sharp parts are strictly forbidden to contact the roller, so as to avoid damaging the roller.

5. When lifting and placing the workpiece, it is strictly forbidden to impact the rotator vigorously in order to prevent the damage of the rotator or other parts. When the equipment is not fixed, vigorous impact may lead to overturning of the equipment.

6. When the rotator is used for small diameter cylinder, if the cylinder moves axially, the adjusting bolt under the arc plate can be adjusted to adjust the lifting position of the rotator (within a certain range), so as to ensure that the working position of the cylinder body is in an appropriate state.

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